The Glow and Throw UFO

The Glow and Throw UFO combines the fun of a flying disc and the mystery of a U.F.O. Throwing and catching the Glow and Throw disc is the ultimate night-time game / sport experience.

With Glow and Throw UFO the bright and colorful UFO flying shapes you can create are unlimited. Designing your own shapes not only challenges the imagination but provides total fun and adventure.

The Glow And Throw kit comes with a 9.25 inch flying plastic disc that features a set of symmetrically drilled holes. It also comes with 14 green, red, blue, orange and yellow glow tubes that you can thread and connect through these holes so that when the disc is thrown, persistence of vision creates some unusual looking 3D shapes.

You can get the starter kit HERE which includes the flying disc, the glow tubes and a set of connectors for $9.99, while a set of 14 additional glow tubes and connectors is $3.99.

The Glow and Throw UFO is great for evening recreation. Whether your going camping, to a beach party, or playing disc golf, this flying disc is a novelty toy you don’t want to leave at home!

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