B. Toys

B. Toys have become my new favorite toy company. This friendly company creates colorful affordable well designed toys that inspire individuality, creativity and just the sheer fun of playtime.

The good news is that their catalog of whimsical playthings are all available at your local Target store.

Their toy packaging is designed to turn into gift wrap to save you time and money and help the environment. The packages meant to become gift wrap are clearly marked on the front.

B. Toys are works of art and should not be hidden away when company comes over. They’ll want to play with them too!

Here is a sampling of some of their fine toys.

Meowsic ($24.99) Remember, Mozart may have been playing piano by the age of three, but he never mastered being you! This potable keyboard looks like a Cheshire Cat and plays 5 instruments & 5 rhythm sounds. With the press of a button you can play 20 familiar songs or 7 witty kitty songs. The retractable mic allows you and your child to sing along. Meowsic purrs itself off with an auto-off feature!

Parum Pum Pum ($19.99) Play your own rhythm. March your own route. This drum with centipede drumsticks is parade-ready with instruments inside such as a Jingle bell ant, Busy bee maraca & clacker, Caterpillar tambourine and 2 shaka-shaka eggs.

Whacky Ball ($14.99) Hammer in the morning. Hammer in the evening. Hammer at nap time. Four beautiful balls travel down a mirrored background with the aid of a squeaky hammer. Wheels spin, balls bang and a tray catches the balls at the bottom.

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