The ModulR iPad Case And Accessory System

I have found an amazing new iPad case and accessory system for my iPad called modulR. The modulR starter package consists of a high quality case, cover, slim mount, and quick stand. ($99)

The case offers protection for your iPad while still allowing access to each of the user function buttons as well as the power / sync area. The case material feels sturdy while at the same time has a good gripping feel to it.  The back of the case has four ergonomic nodes that are the key to making the accessory system work.  The nodes are small enough to be unobtrusive and actually offer an even better grip while holding the iPad.  The case also comes with a cover that easily snaps in place to protect the entire screen. This is a great bonus feature, especially if you are constantly transporting your iPad in bags or briefcases and don’t want to scuff up your screen.

The accessory system is where the real magic happens. It allows for the functionality of the iPad to truly come alive and be utilized across all environments. The slim mount easily attaches to a variety of wall surfaces, and comes with the bracket as well as the mounting hardware and detailed instructions. The quick stand allows for sturdy viewing in landscape mode and can be turned over to be angled for easy typing.

It is now possible to fully utilize the capabilities of the iPad, now that it can be accessible everywhere that you go with the modulR system.

I am looking forward to the future release of additional accessories that are currently in development.  These include a convenient carrying strap, a Universal Swing Arm, as well as a Universal Car Mount. (Written by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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