Pea-Casso: Vegetable Art By Ju Duoqi

Chinese artist Ju Duoqi recreates the world-famous paintings from potatoes, onions, cabbage and other vegetables. It started in the summer of 2006 when she bought several kilograms of peas. She sat there quietly for two days peeling them, before stringing them on a wire and turning them into a skirt, a top, a headdress and a magic wand. She took a photo of herself in them, and named it Pea Beauty Pageant. That was Duoqi’s first work of vegetable art.

For the next two years Duoqi created dozens of sculptures often pacing in front of vegetable stalls, deliberating on different vegetables as she mentally sketched her “paintings”.

Duoqi was born in Chongqing in 1973. In 1996 she graduated from the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, and has been working as a freelance artist since 2005.

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