LOST: The Complete Sixth And Final Season DVD & Blu-ray Available Now

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has released the DVD ($59.99) and Blu-ray ($79.99) releases of LOST: The Complete Sixth and Final Season.

Extras include:

– Bloopers and Deleted Scenes

– Audio Commentaries

– The End: Crafting a Final Season – Examining the challenges of ending a landmark series

– A Hero’s Journey – Which survivors of Oceanic 815 are true heroes?

– See You In Another Life, Brotha – Unlocks the mysteries of the flash sideways

– LOST on Location – Behind the Scenes featurette

– A new Chapter of the Island’s Story from Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

A highlight of the set is “The New Man In Charge” feature. The 12 minute epilogue takes place after the series finale and features Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) tying up some loose ends for the island’s new boss, Hurley. We even get to an old friend from the show that has not appeared for many seasons.

The Blu-ray set features five behind-the-scenes documentaries, the best of which is “The End: Crafting A Final Season.” This doc features interviews with all the major players from the cast and crew as they work on the final season, intercut with interviews of noted TV producers discussing the bittersweet process of winding down a successful show. Memorable moments abound, and “Crafting A Final Season” gets as close as we’ll ever come to revealing what producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and their team were thinking as they assembled these final melancholy hours of LOST.

The final season of my favorite show was uneven at times but answered many lingering questions; not all of them but many. Perhaps that is a good thing.  LOST was ambitious, ground breaking, thought provoking and great fodder for Friday morning water cooler discussion. Each cliffhanger episode seemed like an hour long movie with a deep storyline, great special effects, wonderful production and strong interesting characters. I tend to casually watch most television shows usually multi-tasking while the program is on in the background but LOST demanded my full attention. My cell phone switched to silent and no outside plans for Thursday night. My family would discuss in great detail the easter eggs, hidden meaning, mythology and direction the show was headed. Many felt that the finale of LOST was a copout similar to the final episode of the Sopranos. I liked both…understanding that you can’t please everyone and in the end the writers had a chance to tell the tale that they wanted to tell. It will be difficult to find a worthy replacement this season. AMC’s Rubicon puts me to sleep and we’ll see about NBC’s The Event. At least I can always watch the Blu-ray of LOST and go back to that mystical island!

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