Telegram Stop

In a day and age where emails and texts have become standard, it’s nice to know that there are services that harken back to yesteryear. Once you draft a message, Telegram Stop ($6) will send your recipient a telegram that looks and feels like the old timey version right down to the envelope and paper.

Factoid: People would write the word “STOP” on telegrams because punctuation used to cost extra and letters were free, up to a specific limit.

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One thought on “Telegram Stop

  1. Check out which has the actual Western Union telegram service running again. Only telegram I ever sent was in 1986 to a publishing company and it cost $12 which was a lot back then. But I’ve thought about it lately. Or better still, I could demand that people only communicate with me by telegram and toss my cell phone and get rid of my email accounts. That would be one way to get rid of spam.

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