Get A Free Signed First Edition Of Lilja’s Library: The World of Stephen King”

Are you a collector of the legendary horror writer? Then check out these great Stephen King books as part of the big sale event that’s happening over at starting today.

You will find some great collector signed first editions here.

If you’re a serious collector , then you deserve to put one of these great books into you library today… You already know who Stephen King is, about all the best-sellers, his world-wide popularity, and his legacy, and you understand why his signed books are so valuable and why they will continue to be so in the future..

So don’t miss out on this one because they are some truly wonderful books here, both rare and of high quality.

Please note that this sale event is open for a limited time only. (it ends this Thursday midnight)

Here’s why:




Here’s the best part. Your order will qualify for a free Signed First Edition of “Lilja’s Library: The World of Stephen King” dj/HC in Fine/Fine condition. Mr. Lilja will personally sign and inscribe a copy of his new book to you. In fact, the books that Lilja will sign for you are currently with him now  in Sweden where he lives.

He will be sending the books back on Sept. 20th so get your order in before then. He wont be signing any more books for this promotion once it’s over.

Here is the link again to get all the details:

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