The Boattail Racer from The Auditorium Toy Company

Auditorium Toy Co., the Tucson Arizona based family owned and operated studio has a philosophy about toys. They want to create gorgeous, well made, lasting playthings that can be handed down from one generation to the next.

Their first entry into the toy arena is the Boattail Racer ($350), an exquisitely handcrafted wooden vehicle that looks equally appealing on a shelf amongst cherished collectables or quietly rolling on the kitchen floor.

The durable toy car designed by Brad Denboer is limited to only 100 replicas and is crafted from rugged 13-ply Baltic birch. Adding to its muscular stance are 77.5-millimeter carnelian-core industrial grade wheels which float effortlessly on precision bearings, solid stainless steel axles and fasteners.

The Boattail Racer arrives protected by a custom archive box handcrafted from black-core 4 ply acid-free museum board.

In a time where toys have become disposable throwaways, it’s refreshing to see that the Auditorium Toy Company cares about creating heirloom handcrafted keepsakes that marry both form and function!

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