J.J. Abrams’ Alcatraz Coming To Fox

J.J. Abrams, co-creator of LOST, is reportedly heading to a new island. His top-secret Alcatraz project has been given a pilot commitment from Fox.

His projects tend to be shrouded in mystery, and this one is no different. Here’s what we know about the show at this point: “A show about mysteries, secrets and the most infamous prison of all time: Alcatraz.” Former LOSTies Elizabeth Sarnoff and Bryan Burk are involved on this new island as well. Sarnoff is the lead writer and executive producer; Burk is an executive producer. Co-executive producers and writers include Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt. Bad Robot produces the show in association with Warner Bros.

Abrams already has Fringe on the air over at Fox, Undercovers debuting on NBC on September 22, and is still shopping Jonah Nolan’s crime thriller series.

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