Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Clock

It’s spooky how time flies, especially when the inhabitants of Halloweentown are there to watch it. Jack Skelliington and the other ghoulish residents are featured on this Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Clock with a scary fountain that lights up!

The hand painted resin clock ($100) includes the characters: Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, The Mayor, Lock, Shock & Barrel and Dr Finkelstein with a working countdown for ”Days to Halloween”

This marvelous timepiece measures 14” H x 8” W x 7 1/2” D and it requires   2 AA batteries  and 1 AA battery to operate.

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2 thoughts on “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Clock

  1. WHAT….? NO VAMPIRES! They are my favorite characters in the movie! Awesome clock. It would have been great if the ” days to halloween” clock actually ticked down the actual days until halloween.

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