Wonder Woman Headed to Television

Wonder Woman is headed to the small screen. The Amazon Princess is being eyed for a television series from writer/producer David E. Kelley.

Kelley is best known for creating series like “Ally McBeal,” “Chicago Hope” and, most recently, “Boston Legal.” He has also drafted screenplays for films like Lake Placid and Mystery, Alaska.

A Wonder Woman series would presumably aim to fill the gap that will be left when the long-running “Smallville” goes off the air next year. If that Superman-inspired series is any indication, Kelley’s Wonder Woman adaptation could take an unexpected angle to the story of DC’s preeminent superheroine. It is unknown whether Wonder Woman would even be used as the show’s title.

Long in development for a feature film, the best known adaptation of the character came in the form of a three-season live-action series in the 1970’s, starring Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and her alter ego, Diana Prince.

Should the series make it beyond the planning stages, Kelley’s take on Wonder Woman wouldn’t necessarily preclude the character from also appearing in a movie, as Superman Returns did with the unrelated “Smallville.”

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