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Wahoo Fitness is an innovative company that is dedicated to making fitness technology both affordable and accessible via the use of your smart phone coupled with their ever increasing line of hardware and accessories.

I had the privilege of testing the following items that I used for running / walking; the Fisica Fitness Sensor Key, Stride Sensor, Soft Heart Rate Belt, and the Sport Armband. The setup was extremely easy and user friendly. I simply attached the Fisica Fitness Sensor Key with ANT+ wireless technology to the bottom of my iPhone. The key is compatible with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod Touch > 3.0, and iPad. The key enables data to be seamlessly transferred to your device wirelessly from the Wahoo Fitness sensors, as well as a whole host of sensors from other popular fitness brands and models. I placed my phone in the Sport Armband.  I loved the fact that there was plenty of room for me to put my phone inside of it, even with my protective case still attached.  There is a cut out at the bottom, where the key is able to fit through the pouch.  I then attached the soft Heart Rate Belt to my chest, and easily clipped the Stride Sensor to one of my running shoes, strapped on the Sport Armband and I was ready for a run.

I had previously downloaded both the Fisica Fitness App and the Fisica Sensor Utility to my iPhone, which are both free in iTunes. The Fisica Sensor Utility allowed me to pair both of my sensors with my iPhone. Both my Stride Sensor and Soft Heart Rate Belt were recognized immediately. There was no guesswork regarding whether the sensors were working properly unlike many of the popular sensors on the market today. I then went into the Fisica Fitness App where I was able to view a whole host of metrics such as; lap time, heart rate, pace, stride rate, lap distance, elapsed time, and more. While this software is useful for those individuals looking specifically for performance data only, there are several apps that are compatible with the Fisica Sensor Key and a multitude of new apps currently in development. These apps range from having features such as social networking, individualized workouts, and voice feedback, to name but a few.

The Wahoo Fitness product line is customizable. For instance if you are not an armband person, you can choose the Sport Belt Model.  Perhaps you are looking for a more streamlined way to receive your data; you can choose the Fisica Fitness Sensor Case which offers ANT+ technology with a protective case all in one unit.  Wahoo Fitness also offers additional sensors for biking such as the Premium Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor. Additional sensors are in development, so visit the Wahoo Fitness website often for updates and be sure to check them out on Facebook here. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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