Bose Introduces Bluetooth Headset

Bose has long made headphones and earphones of both the wired and the Bluetooth varieties, but on Monday the company announced its first single-ear, cell-phone connected Bluetooth headset, called the Bose Bluetooth Headset.

The headset is mostly focused on noise cancellation, particularly in changing noise environments. Using Bose’s TriPort technology, the headset measures speech and noise, and adjusts sound levels to keep volume consistent, even when going from loud to quiet areas. The microphone is also designed to sense the voice in the microphone and speaker, and to eliminate background noise without hurting the call signal.

The StayHear tips that help users get the right fit with Bose’s in-ear headphones also come with the Bluetooth Headset, and the on/off sliding switch make it quick to turn on the headset and answer a call. Taking a call requires a pinching motion on the headset. Volume and Call are controlled via actual buttons. The headset is designed to be minimalistic and light, with most buttons and indicator lights hidden when the headset is on the user’s ear.

The draw to the Bose Bluetooth Headset, as with all Bose devices, will be the sound quality—Bose has a reputation for quality audio, and many phone users are certainly looking for better reception on their phone calls, particularly in noisy areas.

The headset will be available in late November, from Bose stores and retailers, for $149.95.


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