EBay’s Instant Sale Offers Cash for Old Electronics

Have a dead cell phone kicking around in your electronics drawer? No more excuses to keep it there. Auction giant eBay just made it easy to ditch such items in a sustainable manner with Instant Sale, a tool that allows users to almost instantly swap gadgets for money.

Here’s how it works: type in the name, make, and model of a device, answer a few questions about its condition, and eBay makes a cash offer. If you decide to accept the offer, the site generates a shipping label and slips cash in your Paypal account once eBay receives the device for recycling.

Users can make a decent amount of cash with eBay’s program. A Droid Eris in good condition, for example, fetches $87. And a first generation 16GB iPod Touch yields $38 (with the charger included). Even products with zero value can still be shipped to eBay for recycling–for free, of course. (Reprinted from Fast Company – Thanks for the tip Don)

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