Man Men Fans Can Now Order The Book, Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man

Mad Men fans rejoice, you can now order Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man ($16.95), the autobiography of advertising pioneer Roger Sterling. According to the publisher, Grove/Atlantic the 176 page book is being reissued after being out of print 45 years.

The fictional character’s pithy comments and observations are a highlight of the AMC Sunday night program.

The bio reads as follows:

“Advertising pioneer and visionary Roger Sterling, Jr., served with distinction in the Navy during World War II, and joined Sterling Cooper Advertising as a junior account executive in 1947. He worked his way up to managing partner before leaving to found his own agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, in 1963.

During his long and illustrious career, Sterling has come into contact with all the luminaries and would-be luminaries of the advertising world, and he has acquired quite a reputation among his colleagues for his quips, barbs, and witticisms.”

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