On November 18th, The Cartoon Art Museum In San Francisco Welcomes Pixar’s Teddy Newton To Discuss His Book, Day & Night

On Thursday, November 18, the Cartoon Art Museum welcomes Pixar Animation Studios’ Teddy Newton as he discusses his career in animation and his new book, Day & Night, based on the animated short of the same name. Day & Night premiered with the theatrical release of Toy Story 3, and received instant critical acclaim. Pixar’s Chris Wiggum will interview Newton, and a book signing will follow. The suggested donation for this event is $5.

About Teddy Newton:

Teddy Newton is one of Pixar’s most well known character designers and artists as well as the writer and director of Day & Night, the animated short that screened in theaters before Toy Story 3. Newton has worked on numerous Pixar features and short subjects, including The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Jack-Jack Attack, Your Friend the Rat and Presto. He is also frequently cast as a voice in Disney•Pixar films, including the role of Chatter Telephone in Toy Story 3.

“Day & Night is one of the most clever and original ideas we’ve ever seen at Pixar. I love that it pulls you in with pure entertainment, but also has such a special message—one that’s so appropriate for our time.”

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