Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Movie Slated For May 17th, 2013

In September Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman’s announced an ambitious cross-media adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, that will begin with a movie, then run as a television series for a year before a second movie, then back to television, and so on.

It’s official now and Universal has announced the release date of the first movie.

Right at the end of a list of Universal’s “tentpole” releases of the next few years is the announcement that The Dark Tower will be released on Friday, May 17, 2013. Presumably, the television series continuation will begin the following fall season, probably on NBC.

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10 thoughts on “Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Movie Slated For May 17th, 2013

  1. I hope Russel Crowe will play the role of Roland. Clint Eastwood is unfortunately to old. And maybe Halle Barry as Susannah. I hope the style of the movie will look like the Sergio Leone movies.
    Ron Howard… is up to you to make “THE MOVIE”!!!

  2. I think Hugh Jackman should play Roland. Please Mr. Howard get as much fan input as you can. I have been looking forward to seeing this as a movie since I read the series.

  3. Almost cant believe it! I love The Dark Tower, it is the best, and I have read an enormous amount of books, so I definitely feel that this is true. I just really hope that the movie does the series justice! Has to be difficult to measure up to Stephen Kings writing ability… he is amazing! The absolute best!

  4. I agree with the dude…Viggo all the way! He’s got the intensity and depth of emotion to pull it off wonderfully.

  5. I love Viggo, but the cast for this movie should be all unknowns if possible. Russell Crow? are you crazy? Roland’s nickname according to Eddie is “long, tall and ugly”.

  6. I salute you Ron. What an adventure to take on. You are a very talented individual,more than accomplished for the task at hand. I know you wont let us down. Ingenious idea for movie followed with TV. Excellent groundwork for movies that follow. Definitely Mr. Kings best work. I know you’ll do him proud. Already set the D.V.R. to record.

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