So You Just Bought A Blu-ray Player. Now Trade In Your Old DVD’s

You might be familiar with Warner Bros.’ DVD2Blu program, which has been running for a while now and which allowed you to swap old WB DVD’s for their upgraded Blu-ray counterparts for a fraction of their retail price. Sounds great, right? Well, they just one-upped themselves.

Warner Bros. has announced a limited-time offer where they’re expanding the program to accept any DVD, from any studio, in exchange for one of the selected Blu-rays from their DVD2Blu catalogue for “as low as $4.95 each.” There are, of course, limitations. First of all, as mentioned, this is a limited-time offer, although the website doesn’t stipulate how long it will last. Secondly, there are a few rules about just which DVDs you can send in, which basically break down to you not being able to game the system by sending in bootlegs, home-burned DVDs, or porn. Here’s the official wording from the website. Please note only professionally produced DVDs (anything from a major/independent studio sold at retail), non Adult content will qualify.

Head on over to for full details and rules.

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