Michael Jackson’s New Single “Breaking News”: Is It Really Him Singing?

The Internet is abuzz with speculation about just how many of Michael Jackson‘s original vocals ended up on Michael, his upcoming album of unreleased material. Those rumors heated up today with the release of “Breaking News,” the first single from the album.

Some fans are convinced that the lead vocals on “Breaking News,” particularly during the verses, don’t sound enough like the late legend they remember. Others feel that perhaps Jackson was just using a different vocal timbre than usual.

Jackson’s label has acknowledged that at least some of the tracks on Michael were brought to completion after his death last year. Beyond that, specifics on these recording sessions are hard to come by, so it’s an open question for now.

Click on the image below to hear “Breaking News” and comment: Is that really Michael Jackson singing or not?

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One thought on “Michael Jackson’s New Single “Breaking News”: Is It Really Him Singing?

  1. Nah it’s not him. But it’s a not so bad imitation though.

    Love your blog btw. Impressive! Already recommended to all my friends!


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