Mr. Peanut Speaks For The First Time In 94 Years

Today, Planters launches a new marketing campaign that features Mr. Peanut, the beloved icon, speaking for the first time in 94 years in a series of stop-motion animation commercials that bring to life the “Naturally Remarkable” world of Planters. The first commercial appears on Mr. Peanut’s Facebook page ( on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 12:00 a.m. EST.

Mr. Peanut will have a voice for the first time since his creation in 1916 – and he has a lot to say. The popular and witty character will introduce people to the nut-sized world of Planters to honor what’s important in life – family and friends; real, authentic experiences; delicious, wholesome foods; and having fun. The character will be voiced by Robert Downey Jr.

Mr. Peanut will appear in an innovative series of stop-motion animation commercials that peek into his multi-dimensional world, where people can experience his life, his humor and his friends as never before. The first commercial takes place during Mr. Peanut’s annual holiday party, giving the first glimpse into his personality and the things he cares about.

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