For Sale: A $160,000 Apple Computer

True Apple computer fans take note…

Christie’s is auctioning off a computer with hopes that the device will sell for between $159,800 and $239,700.

This machine is loaded with three capacitors, 8 kilobytes of random access memory, a printed circuit board with 4 rows A-D and an Apple-1 motherboard.

Why so much for this archaic programmable machine? Well, this is one of the very first computers ever made by Apple, and is considered the first personal computer. What separated this computer from others was the fact that the motherboard came pre-assembled, whereas home computer owners of the past had to fit and solder the parts together themselves.

The Apple-1 computer was built and sold by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founders,  in 1976 for $666.66 — the strange price was put into effect because Mr. Wozniak liked repetitive numbers. (An inflation calculator determines that price is equivalent to $2560 in today’s dollars.)  It’s estimated that only 200 of these computers were produced and sold before Apple moved onto the next model, the Apple II.

According to the auction Web site, this version of the Apple computer is number 82 of those made, and was hand built by Steve Wozniak and then “despatched from the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents’ house.

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