Chronicle Books – The Sounds of Star Wars Review

If you are a Star Wars fan or have an appreciation for sound effects, Chronicle Books: The Sounds of Star Wars ($60) is a must-have for your library. Best-selling author and executive editor at Lucasfilm Ltd., J. W. Rinzler reveals the history behind the sounds that continue to make the Star Wars universe so memorable.  Legendary sound designer Ben Burtt, who developed the sound design for all of the Star Wars live-action films, wrote the foreword.

This wonderful book is not only visually entertaining with over 300 photographs, it is also filled with insightful behind-the-scenes stories, trivia, and more than 250 unique sound effects. Throughout the pages, you will discover the origins of sounds from some of your favorite scenes. The scenes are cleverly numbered and labeled, and can be listened to through the attached speaker or built in headphone jack.

This book appeals to a wide audience, from the older nostalgic fan down through younger generations.  In fact, this book has been highly recommended by THE FIRE WIRE’s youngest reporter, Ben Hess. Below is Ben’s review of The Sounds of Star Wars. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess & Ben Hess)

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  1. I ALWAYS look forward to Ben’s reviews and this is yet another GREAT review. Thanks Ben, keep up the good work!

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