CitiBlocs 500 Piece Building Set With Fabric Storage Bin Review

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift as well as a great way to interact with your kids, I highly recommend CitiBlocs: 500 Piece Building Set with Fabric Storage Bin ($99.99)

CitiBlocs are an ecofriendly wooden construction toy made from uniformly cut, high quality, lightweight New Zealand Radiata Pine. These blocks are perfect for builders of all ages.  Each block measures approximately 1/4 inches thick x 1 inch wide x 4 1/2 inches long. The uniformity of each plank allows each blocks to be easily stacked to create unique creations without the need for glue, connected pieces or grooves.

This award-winning wooden construction toy is not only incredibly fun to use but also teaches the builder important skills such as engineering, problem solving, improved hand eye coordination, patience, balance and counter-balance.

Let your imagination go wild as you and your children build eye-popping creations with this versatile toy.  You can create building and sculptures that simply cannot be replicated with other building toys. Another great feature of this toy is that cleanup is super easy, as there are no pieces to sort.  Simply put all of the blocks back in the sturdy fabric bin.

Whether you are building simple structures or elaborate skyscrapers, one thing is certain, your family will be entertained for hours with CitiBlocs. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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