NewKinetix Rē Remote Control Review

Between our television, audio sound system, cable DVR, DVD player, and VCR, our living room has 5 separate remote controls.  In addition, we have remote controls in other rooms throughout our house.  Our kids have a difficult time simply watching a movie, given all of the steps that need to be taken to simply turn on our equipment.  The solution that our whole family can use is the NewKinetix Rē IR universal remote control plug-in accessory ($69.95) for use with the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone OS 3.1 or greater.

The free app that works in tandem with the remote accessory can be downloaded here. The remote comes with a handy neoprene storage pouch that is both small and comfortably fits in your pocket. The accessory easily snaps into the dock connector of your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

The initial setup was extremely easy given the vast built-in IR code database. I was able to setup each of the rooms that have entertainment equipment and customize their labels.  Within each room I specified which devices I had, and was able to test out the IR code to ensure that they worked properly. The next step was to set up the activities that I use the remotes for, such as watching TV or watching a DVD.  I was able to easily designate my favorite channels for quick searches.  This is a great feature, as our current cable company has hundreds of channels to go through.  Finally, I set up macros that with a push of a single button, I was able to turn on all of my devices and watch TV, a process that typically took numerous steps and used several remotes.

The remote app is completely customizable.  You can add, delete, and move buttons, as well as change the appearance of your display. The Rē Remote is a great product. With its ease of use and great styling, the only remaining issue will now be our kids debating over who gets to control the cool new remote. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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