iBend and iBendXL Review

Have you ever tried to watch a movie on your iPhone or iPad with no place to prop up your device for easy viewing?  iBends are made of a durable, flexible vinyl and offer a lightweight, thin and portable viewing solution. The iBend works with your iPhone, iPod touch, as well as a host of other devices that are thin enough to fit within the grooves, while the iBendXL was designed specifically for the iPad. The iBendXL is sturdy enough to support both vertical and landscape viewing. To use, simply pinch in both ends to form a semi-circle, and slide your device into the grooves.  To adjust the angle, simply slide the ends closer together or further apart. The iBend comes in a small cardboard package that is perforated, so that the two stands can be separated. Perhaps two for you or why not share, suggests the wording on one half of the packaging, should you see someone struggling to hold up their device.  The iBend Classic comes in a Duo set, 1 black and 1 white for $4.99 or you can choose one of the eye-catching artist series designs, 2 for $5.99. The iBendXL comes in a single sheet in black or white, that retails for $9.99. Simply punch out the stand from the perforations, and you are all set for use. The nice folks at iBend have graciously offered a 20% discount on each iBendXL that you purchase.  To receive this discount, simply enter in the promo code FIREWIRE here.  I really love this product. Given the reasonable price and slender profile, you can easily stash several in your briefcase, wallet, around the house or office, so that you always have a stand handy. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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