The Ball of Whacks Review

The Creative Whack Company and US Games Systems, Inc. have teamed up to offer The Ball of Whacks ($29.95).  This award-winning ball consists of 30 equal sized magnetic pyramids, held together with 180 rare earth magnets, and measures: 5.5″ H x 4″ W x 4″ D. Roger von Oech is the author of “A Whack on the Side of the Head”, and the creator of the Ball of Whacks.  In his book he deconstructs the creative process and offers a multitude of exercises to get your creative juices flowing. He designed the Ball of Whacks as a brainstorming tool to stimulate the mind and body concurrently while at the same time utilizing the creative process. This addictively fun, educational toy not only sparks your imagination, but your hand-eye coordination and overall sense of playfulness. The Ball of Whacks is well constructed, can be configured in endless ways, and will provide hours of entertainment. if you are looking for structure and suggestions, the ball comes with a 96-page illustrated creativity guidebook that provide all sorts of tips, stories, exercises, and creative process insights. Available in Red, Blue, Black, and Multi-Colored  This toy will appeal to both children and adults alike, and is recommended for children aged 8 and older. Inspire the genius within, as The Ball of Whacks makes a great educational tool, desk fidget, or simply a unique and thoughtful gift for the person who has everything. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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