The Fire Wire 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Little Giant Select Step Ladder

It’s that time of year to hang Christmas decorations and in a few weeks take them all down. I was thinking about this as I was wobbling on our flimsy 2 rung step ladder stringing up holiday lights. The time had come for a more professional grade step-ladder that could handle all the tasks around the house such as cleaning gutters, removing palm fronds from the roof, painting, replacing smoke detector batteries and replacing light bulbs.

I wanted a sturdy, safe ladder that took up very little space when it was not in use. The ladder I chose was the Little Giant Select Step Ladder ($199).

The Select Step is the only multi-position stepladder with independently adjustable sections that create a 5, 6, 7 or 8-foot stepladder and can be safely used on stairs or sloping ground. Easy to use rock locks and a select grip handle allow you to telescope the legs of the ladder to increase or decrease your desired height.

If your job requires you to stand on a ladder for a long time you will appreciate the extra deep rungs and comfortable built-in standing platform!

This lightweight ladder weighs only 23 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds yet it is small enough to store in a pantry or closet for easy access.

The Select Step comes with a unique top cap known as the AirDeck Safety System. This combination magnetized utility tray and safety handrail stores in the base of the ladder when not in use. The AirDeck contains slots and holes to store your tools, a tray for screws and nails and a fitted tray for paint containers plus a handy rail for added stability.

Little Giant has completely reinvented the step ladder category by introducing the Select Step, the most versatile, sturdy, comfortable and smartly designed ladder that I have ever used.

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