The Fire Wire 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Hold-On Handles

Finally there’s a parental aid that will teach your child to stay within arm’s reach called Hold-On Handles. Unlike embarrassing harnesses, Hold-On Handles guide your loved ones to stay close while making everyone comfortable. The handles reinforce your child’s desire to get out of their stroller and walk beside you.

Hold-On Handles provide the extra set of hands you need to keep your child safely nearby. The versatile handle attaches to a stroller or can be used as a walking rope.

Children will find the bright and colorful designs desirable and fun. Hold-On Handles are a must-have item for parents of small children as they promote confidence, safety and independence.

The single handle set retails for $19.99 and the double handle set retails for $27.99. Spare handles can also be purchased for $11.99. (Written by Patricia Fire)

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