BlackRapid RS-5 Camera Strap Review

DSLR cameras tend to be large and heavy, and carrying them around your neck for hours can be a real pain…literally.  The old fashioned camera strap is a thing of the past. Seattle based company, BlackRapid has redefined and updated the look and feel of their straps for both the amateur and the professional photographer alike. They were the first to create the sling design which can be found in their R-Strap, which when worn diagonally across the torso from shoulder to hip and paired with their locking FastenR connector, offers a comfortable and secure solution for transporting and using your camera.  BlackRapid offers a host of different strap and hardware configurations that can be found here.  The strap that I like the best is the RS-5 with FastenR-3 ($64.95), as it combines the functionality of being able to easily slide my camera up when shooting and the camera rests securely at my side when not in use.  The strap offers a comfortable and adjustable fit, with ample breathable padding. Best of all, it provides a ton of extra storage compartments for holding everything from your smart phone to your media cards and battery packs. In case you were wondering, it is large enough to accommodate an iPhone comfortably. The storage areas are securely held together with magnetic fasteners that allow you to reach your accessories without making any noise, which is helpful if you are in a sound secure environment. The RS-5 comes in a handy corded drawstring mesh bag, and comes complete with the FastenR-3, that fits into the tripod socket or lens mount and clips into the ConnectoR-2, which is a carabiner locking clasp on a swivel base. This is by far the best camera strap that I have ever used and I heartily recommend it for anyone seeking an alternative to the traditional neck strap. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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