The Fire Wire 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Dyson DC25 All Floors Vacuum

The Dyson DC25 All Floors ($500) is an upright Dyson Ball vacuum for every floor type. Unlike traditional wheeled vacuums that can only go in a straight line, the Dyson Ball turns on a dime for greater maneuverability. This futuristic floor cleaner is stunning to look at but I was curious if it worked as well as the television ads promised. After putting the Dyson through it’s paces the home vacuum did not disappoint!

The motor is ingeniously nestled inside the ultra light-weight ball which gives the machine a low center of gravity making it easy to use. Assembly of the 16 pound vacuum took only a few minutes.

The patented Cyclone technology ensures that you won’t lose suction power as you vacuum. The washable lifetime HEPA filter is designed to trap microscopic allergens such as pollen and bacteria. You will never have to purchase any bags, belts or filters. The one-touch hygienic and quick-to-empty bin is incredibly simple to use – just press the button at the top of the cyclone and the dust empties from the bottom of the bin.

Instead of a cumbersome separate wand attachment, the Dyson employs their patented Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand within the vacuum handle. The single-action wand instantly provides 16 feet of reach for stair and high-reach cleaning. The accessory tools are conveniently located on the vacuum making switching implements simple.

I tried the vacuum after setting up our Christmas tree and it deftly and efficiently picked up all of the stray pine needles in a matter of seconds. The bin was a breeze to empty.

The Dyson comes with a five-year warranty for parts and labor.

If you are looking for a lightweight, maneuverable, easy to operate vacuum as a holiday present, the Dyson DC25 All-Floors Ball vac receives THE FIRE WIRE’s highest recommendation!

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