Blending a stylish design with astonishing picture quality, the slim Edge LED backlit SONY BRAVIA EX710 ($2,299) Series HDTV delivers an amazing Full HD experience. Go beyond your scheduled programming and connect to the internet to instantly stream a wide variety of movies, TV shows, videos and music from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Slacker and more.

The EX710 incorporates an energy saving Edge LED backlight which allows for a slim form factor, plus yields a stunning picture with deep blacks, brilliant whites and outstanding contrast ratio.

You can even add a Wi-Fi adapter (sold separately) to wirelessly connect to your home network and access the internet without the mess of unsightly wires.

This 55 inch television boasts Sony’s “Presence Sensor,” which detects when the room is no longer occupied causing the unit to shut down. Another great feature is the “Energy Saving” switch which allows you to set the TV’s energy consumption at absolute zero when you go on vacation. This “smart” TV can also utilizes a room lighting sensor, which adjusts the brightness of the picture according to the lighting in the room.

A few other great features of the SONY BRAVIA EX710 that come standard are four HDMI inputs, internet-surfing capable remote and a detachable swivel stand. The TV is also wall-mountable.

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