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Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom takes a month break in December, but in its place is another Joe Hill extravaganza! This special one-shot ($3.99) takes Hill’s acclaimed short story from his best-selling short-story collection 20th Century Ghosts and adapts it to comics! The Cape will walk you along the fence of childhood innocence, and then throw you face first into a brick wall. Explore your dark side in this tale by Hill and Jason Ciaramella, with art and two covers by Zach Howard.

The Cape was originally intended to be a 1-shot, but the creators have decided to expand it to 5 total issues. The comic has nothing to do with the upcoming television series that will air in 2011.

The rest of the issues will explore and expand on the main character, Eric and follow him through some of the darkest moments you’ll ever see in comics.

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