Javier Bardem & Viggo Mortensen Rumored As Frontrunners For Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

The upcoming Universal-led multi-platform, mega franchise launch of the adaptation of the seven novel strong “The Dark Tower” is going to be one monster of a project, using both film and television to tell the tale based on Stephen King‘s expansive world. And while director Ron Howard hasn’t shied away from talking about a bevy of names mentioned for the lead role including Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm, it appears a new candidate and a fan favorite are apparently the frontrunners for the gig.

According to sources speaking to the NY Post, Javier Bardem is the frontrunner for Roland Deschain, the gunslinger who searches for the mysterious castle which may or may not be the nexus of the universe, with Viggo Mortensen, running close behind. Word on the street is that given the “The Dark Tower” project will spread out over three films with a television series linking everything together, the role is one that agents are clamoring over for their clients. But that said, don’t be surprised if those two names are strictly wishlist at this point, sitting at the top of a talent list that the studio and filmmakers eventually plan to reach out to. However, even if it is just a wishlist, it does perhaps indicate that Universal and co. are hoping to land a strong name to pull in the audience required to pull off what is certainly one of the most ambitious studio projects in a long time.

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2 thoughts on “Javier Bardem & Viggo Mortensen Rumored As Frontrunners For Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

  1. Are you kidding me??!! Look at the two of them. Bardem is smoking sexy hot and Viggo looks like his father!

    No contest. I’m sorry, but the sexiness of Viggo is long gone from the Lord of the Rings. He doesn’t even look like that anymore. Bardem is still handsome and sexy. Lucky Penelope! Although she is a beauty in her own right. Their child must be stunning.

  2. I wouldn’t knock Viggo. In this picture he has all that facial hair which in itself ages a person. Strip him of that and he’s as sexy as anyone else in the running. If anyone can do the job, you can count on Viggo Mortensen.

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