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Marvel Comics Announces Fear Itself, Its 2011 Blockbuster Series

At a press conference yesterday at the Midtown Comics Times Square New York City location, Marvel Comics unveiled its big publishing event for 2011: Fear Itself, written by Matt Fraction with pencils by Stuart Immonen. Fear Itself is slated to hit in April and run seven issues. Fraction will maintain his current duties on Invincible Iron Man and Thor through the Fear Itself run, but will be toning down his involvement on Uncanny X-Men. Immonen is dropping his role as artist of Brian Bendis’ New Avengers to focus solely on the event.

Last week, Marvel began a new teaser campaign depicting its most popular heroes facing their various fears alongside which are written ominous taglines like “Do You Fear Tomorrow?” and “Do You Fear What You’ve Become?” Today, all of those images came to a head. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada opened things up by describing a world that sounds eerily familiar: “All you need to do really is turn on a TV, a computer, a radio, and you’re sure to find a pundit, a politician, a prophet out there ready to tell you what you should be afraid of, who’s responsible and why you should be afraid of them. It’s a world divided. At the end of the day, you’ve got to ask yourself who should you trust? Who do you trust? 24 hour news cycles, weather change, WikiLeaks, depression, recession, bailouts, bankers.”

Despite how close to reality it sounds, Quesada assured attendees he was referring to the Marvel Universe. A trailer was then queued up that essentially cut together the previously seen teasers with the hypnotic, legendary speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt as he addressed an America on the cusp of war.

Quesada followed up the trailer by noting, “From World War II to Apollo 11 to September 11; the events that shaped our world have shaped the Marvel Universe.”

Not many details about the series were revealed, but it’s clear that Marvel is intent on telling a story based within a real world context but through the eyes of its superheroes… not unlike the approach they took with the immensely successful Civil War. Quesada left his pitch to the crowd on a very mysterious note asking, “Who will be the eight most worthy on the planet?”

Fittingly, Quesada then led the attendees to a rather amusing video of Fraction pitching the series to the audience from his “bunker at an undisclosed location”. The writer spoke in a hurry and with paranoid excitement, saying that Fear Itself is “the biggest story [Marvel] has ever told” and that fans should expect an “extinction-grade threat.”

“Everyone is afraid of something right now,” said Fraction. “And if you doubt me and you’re getting on an airplane in the next few days, enjoy that guy who touches your business.” He also teased the involvement of the gods in the story saying, “the Marvel heroes versus the god of Fear. The more you fear him, the stronger he gets.” Perhaps the god of Fear is… Fear Itself?

Afterwards, Quesada was joined by Vice President – Executive Editors Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso to field some questions from the attendees. Brevoort stated that Fear Itself will be comparable to Civil War in its scope, but more akin to Secret Invasion in the way they handle the tie-in series and crossovers. Brevoort and Alonso also confirmed that the seeds for Fear Itself have been planted over the last year, and that readers should have a good time going back to find them all. A central idea of Fear Itself will revolve around a long-hidden event that occurred at some point in the past that, when revealed, will change the way we look at the Marvel heroes.

Fear Itself hits in April 2011, proceeded by a prelude issue written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Scot Eaton. After enduring the relatively low-key Heroic Age, it seems the time has come for the Marvel Universe to face their greatest threat in years. It’ll be interesting to see if Marvel is able to capitalize on the fear and paranoia running rampant in the news to create a socially relevant but tried-and-true superhero epic.

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Pixar Intro Parody

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Porsche Design Bobsleigh

The Porsche Design Bobsleigh (£170; roughly $265) features an aggressive design, a low center of gravity for ease of steering, superior directional stability and an included carrying bag.

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DC Universe Online To Be Released On January 11th

Sony Online Entertainment today announced that the highly anticipated online action game DC Universe Online (DCUO), has reached gold master status and will be available at retail outlets worldwide on the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system and PC on January 11, 2011. DCUO will be the first online game based in the DC Universe, the first MMO on PlayStation 3, and the first time DC Universe Online will be accessible to the millions DC Universe fans.

“Creating DC Universe Online has been a massive undertaking, and we’re excited to be that much closer to launch,” said Christopher Cao, Game Director of DCUO for Sony Online Entertainment. “We’re grateful to our beta players for providing us invaluable feedback in these final stages that has enabled us to put the finishing touches on a fun and exciting experience when the game launches in January.”

DC Universe Online will carry an anticipated retail price of US$59.99 for PlayStation 3 and US$49.99 for PC in North America. The game includes one 30-day game membership, with monthly subscriptions available thereafter for US$14.99. For customers playing the PC version of the game, DCUO will be included in SOE’s all-in-one Station Access subscription. Sony Online Entertainment expects to update the game regularly with new episodes featuring iconic DC Comics characters, new instances and major in-game events.

As a traditional action-based MMO that combines fast-paced, twitch-based combat with an interactive physics system to deliver a new and unique gameplay experience, DC Universe Online brings the DC Universe to life, allowing players to create their own superheroes – or villains – and join forces with their favorite DC Comics characters such as Superman, Batman and The Joker to aid in saving – or destroying – the universe.

DC Universe Online is rated T for Teen by the ESRB with the following content descriptors: Mild Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes and Violence. For more information about DC Universe Online, visit

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Los Angeles Times Article About Stephen King’s Dark Tower Movie

The LA times recently spoke with Ron Howard about the director’s plan to bring Stephen King’s most epic creation, ”The Dark Tower,” to the movie screen. The interview covers several aspects of the upcoming series including the overall structure, pre-production work and casting ideas. You can read it HERE.

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New Apple TV Sales to Top One Million This Week

Apple today announced that it expects sales of its new Apple TV to top one million units later this week. The new Apple TV offers the simplest way to watch your favorite HD movies and TV shows, stream content from Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, all on your HD TV for the breakthrough price of just $99. iTunes users are now renting and purchasing over 400,000 TV episodes and over 150,000 movies per day.

Now with AirPlay, recently available in iOS 4.2, users can wirelessly stream their music, video and photos from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to their new Apple TV, making it the perfect iOS accessory. Users can also control Apple TV with their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using the Remote app, available as a free app on the App Store.

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Amazing LEGO Santas Workshop Advent Calendar

Out of this World, a shop in Mendocino, California has an amazing LEGO Advent Calendar display in three of its windows. An employee, Brad Bergman designed the display and the 16,000 piece kit came in twenty boxes and took a week to assemble.

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Blending a stylish design with astonishing picture quality, the slim Edge LED backlit SONY BRAVIA EX710 ($2,299) Series HDTV delivers an amazing Full HD experience. Go beyond your scheduled programming and connect to the internet to instantly stream a wide variety of movies, TV shows, videos and music from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Slacker and more.

The EX710 incorporates an energy saving Edge LED backlight which allows for a slim form factor, plus yields a stunning picture with deep blacks, brilliant whites and outstanding contrast ratio.

You can even add a Wi-Fi adapter (sold separately) to wirelessly connect to your home network and access the internet without the mess of unsightly wires.

This 55 inch television boasts Sony’s “Presence Sensor,” which detects when the room is no longer occupied causing the unit to shut down. Another great feature is the “Energy Saving” switch which allows you to set the TV’s energy consumption at absolute zero when you go on vacation. This “smart” TV can also utilizes a room lighting sensor, which adjusts the brightness of the picture according to the lighting in the room.

A few other great features of the SONY BRAVIA EX710 that come standard are four HDMI inputs, internet-surfing capable remote and a detachable swivel stand. The TV is also wall-mountable.



Got a gadget that needs fixed, a handle that’s rubbing you the wrong way, or just an urge to play with the adult equivalent of Play-doh? Get yourself some Sugru ($10-$20). This modeling clay/super glue/alien symbiote forms a lasting bond between a variety of materials, and cures to a tough silicone overnight, making it weatherproof, flexible, and generally indestructible. If only we could say the same about our gadgets. (From Uncrate)

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