THQ’s uDraw GameTablet Bundle Review

Introducing a creative and fun new way for you and your family to interact with your Wii gaming system: THQ’s uDraw GameTablet Bundle ($129.97) The tablet comes automatically bundled with uDraw Studio.  Two additional games are included in this package: Dood’s Big Adventure and Pictionary. This amazing new wireless tablet enables you to draw using the interactive stylus, allowing you to see your creations directly on the TV screen in front of you. The uDraw GameTablet is powered by your Wii remote control (sold separately), which is cleverly housed within the left portion of the unit. The pad offers a generous 4×6 inch drawing space.  The stylus is pressure sensitive and features two easily accessible controller buttons. The GameTablet also utilizes Wii’s motion control sensors, offering the user the ability to tilt and control the game via the tablet.

uDraw Studio offers a virtual digital canvas combined with helpful tutorials and a wealth of artistic tools to allow you to express your inner artist in any way that you choose. Users can customize every aspect of their creations ranging from 11 different canvas types to sidewalk and concrete locations to decorate.  In addition, you can select from 8 unique artistic environments.  I especially enjoyed the beach house studio, where you can literally hear the ocean surf and seagulls as you paint, draw, or color. The artistic tools span from creating simple lines with a pen tool, to using chalk or watercolor paints.  There are over 9 different drawing and painting tools to utilize.  In addition, you can change the opacity or zoom in up to 400% for extreme detail work. The power of this program is that you can create the most simplistic designs to the most complex works of art, so everyone will be able to express themselves in their own unique way. One of the most exciting features is the ability to integrate SD-Card support, allowing the user to save, print, and share their works of art with friends and family.

Dood’s Big Adventure is a really creative and fun game that people of all ages will enjoy. The tablet is used to draw, tilt,  and maneuver a character named Dood through 60 different levels of fun and challenging activities. Dood, as well as his enemies (baddies) are black and white drawings like those found in a coloring book, that can be customized and colored in using the stylus. You can also color in Magic Canvases, Balloonimals and Obstacles and Doodads which will show up in the background while playing. You control Dood’s movements such as rolling, floating, and bouncing through challenges by solving drawing related puzzles, collecting coins and defeating enemies, while using the tilt control of your GameTablet, the stylus, and your Wii remote. The game features 4 different game modes to play: Pen Panic, Roly Poly, Bubble Trouble, and Fan Frenzy. Pen Panic involves players using their stylus to draw directly in the world to assist Dood in several ways such as drawing bridges, trampolines and much more. Fan Frenzy allows you to use your stylus as a fan to blow around Dood through obstacles. Roly Poly uses the motion controls of your Wii remote to tilt Dood around in a ball. Finally, Bubble Trouble has the player using their stylus to carefully guide Dood in a bubble through various stages, trying not to burst his bubble as he avoids hitting sharp objects.  Dood’s Big Adventure is such a great game because it combines drawing and game play in a multitude of fun activities.  This is a game that is sure to entertain everyone of all ages for hours.

The popular board game Pictionary has been updated and re-designed for the GameTablet. The game features over 3,000 clues which can be customized for both adults and children, simpler clues for children and more advanced ones for the adults to draw. Pictionary is played on a 3D game board with 3 different modes of play: Pictionary, Pictionary Mania, and Free Draw. Pictionary is the traditional game show style in which you use a variety of drawing tools, brushes, and colors quickly sketch out your clues. Pictionary Mania turns the traditional game upside down, literally.  This game has 7 new drawing modes that will add a new flavor to the game. The game modes are: Get It Straight, Shape It Up, Rotation Frustration, One Line, Ink Limit, No Peeking and Off Hand.  These additional modes challenge the user, as the difficulty level of drawing becomes increasingly more challenging as these modes cause the screen to rotate randomly or challenge you to draw only with straight lines, etc.  The Free Draw option allows the user to have fun and create artistic masterpieces in a free style manner using the drawing tools.

The uDraw GameTablet, uDraw Studio, Dood’s Big Adventure and Pictionary are family friendly, easy to learn, and so much fun to play, and they will surely add a whole new creative dimension to your Wii play. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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