Hearthware NuWave Oven Pro Review

I love gadgets, especially kitchen appliances.  For years I have seen the NuWave Oven advertised on television, and wondered if the claims that they made were actually true.  Would this product really cut cooking time in half?  Could I truly cook frozen meat without defrosting first, and achieve perfectly cooked, succulent and golden brown results? I was on a culinary quest to learn more.

My NuWave Oven Pro arrived earlier this week. I was so excited to use my new appliance immediately, so I searched my freezer for something to make a test meal with.  I discovered some frozen homemade chicken enchiladas.  In the past I would have heated them up in the microwave, and they would been soft but palatable.  Within 15 minutes of re-heating them in my NuWave Oven Pro, my frozen enchiladas were perfectly heated throughout and crispy on the outside.  I was hooked, so I searched for more things to cook.  The second test batch was sliced sweet potato French fries and veggie burgers.  Typically oven fries take 50 minutes in my conventional oven.  Truly, in 20 minutes, the fries were evenly cooked and crunchy on the outside, without oil. The veggie burgers came out equally as well. The final test was a frozen chicken.  I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised when I cooked a 7 pound frozen chicken, without basting. It came out moist on the inside, and crisp and golden brown on the outside. To accommodate the size of the bird, I used the extender ring, which doubled the interior space of the oven. Throughout this week I have used my oven to make a multitude of different meals, and have been pleased with everything that I have made thus far.

If you are looking for an energy efficient and healthful way to broil, bake, fry, roast, steam, dehydrate, and barbeque your favorite foods, consider Hearthware’s NuWave Oven Pro with the additional Extender Ring Kit ($169.99) In my kitchen, countertop space is at a premium, yet this compact and convenient oven is small enough to fit under the counter, yet big enough to cook a 16 pound turkey. What makes this patented machine so special is that it uses three separate cooking methods simultaneously: Conduction, Convection, and Infrared heat. What are these three methods? Conduction heat is applied directly to the food like the heat found in your conventional oven. While Convection heat allows the circulation of air to speed up the cooking time while evenly heating your food inside and out. Finally, the Infrared heat source penetrates the inside of foods leaving them moist and full of flavor, while browning the outside.

The oven comes complete with a liner pan, a reversible 1” and 4” cooking rack, a laminated easy reference chart with estimated cook times, and a thick recipe book / manual with a wealth of recipes and cooking tips. The Extender Ring Kit comes with a 10” non-stick baking pan, which allows you to bake cookies, pies, and desserts or cook any meats, poultry, or fish in their own juices or sauces. It also comes with an additional 2” rack that allows for multi-layer cooking. I really love the fact that the NuWave Oven Pro is energy efficient and does not heat up the kitchen like traditional ovens do. I especially love the fact that it is smoke-less, so I do not need to use my noisy exhaust fan. Best of all, the kids love the fact that they can actually watch the food cook through the clear lightweight dome.

The NuWave Oven Pro is perfect for home use and portable enough to take to the office, bring to a pot luck meal or use in an RV. I am looking forward to many years of use with my NuWave Oven Pro. (Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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    If they can contact our customer service M-F 8am to 6pm CST at 1-888-689-2831 or email customerservice@hearthware.com and have their serial number, name of person that placed the order and approximately when, customer service will be able to help them.

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