Light-Up Cereal Boxes

Fulton Innovation demonstrated their fabulous packaging at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Their technology uses induction power and metallic ink to create, among lots of other things, some of the most amazing cereal boxes which can illuminate in stages to create an eye-catching effect.

The technology can also be used to power other items to give a battery-free demonstration.

I grew up with plastic toys hidden in the bottom of the cereal box; my daughter will grow up with a cereal aisle that resembles the Vegas strip at night. That’s technology for you…

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2 thoughts on “Light-Up Cereal Boxes

  1. Wow… if our kids were not begging enough for the junk cereals, whats gonna happen next time we go down taht isle with our kids!!?!

    Of course now, I’ll want that box of Trix as much as my son does! 😉

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