Mickey Mouse Animation Cel, World’s Most Valuable, To Be Auctioned Later This Month

The most valuable animation cel in the world, and one of the most important Mickey Mouse collectibles in existence – The Band Concert Production Cel Animation Art, Walt Disney, 1935 – will be part of Heritage Auctions Feb. 24-25 Signature Comics and Comic Art Auction. It is estimated at $100,000+. It is thought to be the only production setup in existence from the first Mickey cartoon that features Mickey and the entire band.

“This cel is, in many ways, the ultimate Mickey Mouse item a collector could ever hope to acquire,” said Barry Sandoval, Director of Operations of the Comics category at Heritage. “The Band Concert was the very first theatrical Mickey Mouse cartoon in color, and has long been cherished by Disney fans worldwide.”

The cel comes to Heritage via the Kerby Confer Collection, one of the finest groupings of key Disney related art ever assembled. Confer, a well-known Maryland radio executive, has long been known as one of the most serious collectors of original Disney material. Confer acquired the cel in 2001.

The Band Concert itself is an intensely funny short cartoon, crammed with colorful gags involving Mickey’s ragtag orchestra – who never stop playing, no matter what is happening around them – and the efforts of soft drink salesman Donald Duck to subvert the program by playing “Turkey in the Straw” on his piccolo. The film culminates with an intense windstorm, just as the band plays “The William Tell Overture”.

“This is a charming and beautiful cel,” said Sandoval. “It shows Mickey and company at the beginning of the cartoon, greeting their audience.” We’re extremely proud to be offering what is widely considered to be the most important piece of animation history in existence, with no reserve.”

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