McSweeney’s Launches ‘The Goods’ – A Weekly Collection of Games,
Puzzles, Comics Appearing In Newspapers Across The U.S. & Canada

Last week, McSweeney’s the quirky publishing house founded by author Dave Eggers launched a thing called The Goods. The Goods is a weekly smorgasbord of games, puzzles, comics and other diversions. Each week, a cavalcade of New York Times-best-selling book authors and Caldecott Award-Winning illustrators from the world of children’s books will contribute amusements that will enthrall kids and adults alike. Readers will pore over a variety of features, including a spot-the-difference puzzle featuring motorcycle-riding ice cream cones; a guide to creating your own secret language; a maze navigating George Washington’s famous curly locks; and clip-out paper dolls of Grigori Rasputin.

Thoughtfully conceived and visually stunning, every issue of The Goods will deliver a new collection of recurring features and new work. Contributors include: Mo Willems, Jon Scieszka, Lane Smith, Laurie Keller, Carson Ellis, Bob Shea, Adam Rex, Sean Qualls, and Dan Santat.

Your call to action is to figure out who the features editor of your local paper is and ask them to start running The Goods. The website is

McSweeney’s is really excited about this humble venture. So play your part, if you can, and spread the word!

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