Former McDonald’s Executives to Open a New Healthy-Food Chain

Fast food has become synonymous with fatty food, but Mike Roberts, a former president and chief operating officer of McDonald’s, aims to redefine the concept. Teaming up with another McDonald’s alumnus and an Oprah Winfrey celebrity chef, among others, Roberts is preparing to launch Lyfe Kitchen, a no-butter, no-high-fructose-corn-syrup and fried-food-free restaurant chain.

The Chicago-based company plans to open its first restaurant in Palo Alto, Calif., this summer, with further plans for as many as 250 outposts nationally over the next five years. The brand’s philosophy will emphasize philanthropy and eco-friendliness, and the healthful menu will include low-cal meals and vegan options alongside Niman ranch beef burgers.

Lyfe, which stands for Love Your Food Everyday, hopes to get in on the made-to-order fast-casual market, where chains like Chipotle — another vegetarian-friendly, locally sourced, eco-friendly and socially conscious company — have found success.

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