Introducing The GTU 10 From Garmin

The Garmin GTU 10 Tracker ($200) is a tiny GPS locator that both is both lightweight and waterproof. The device attaches easily to a backpack, pet collar or rear seat headrest.

With it you get one year of standard tracking, which lets you see its location via computer or via app, the latter of which also allows you to draw a geofence, complete with email or SMS notifications when the Tracker leaves your designated area.

The features of the GTU 10 are so flexible, allowing you to use it to fit your lifestyle:

– Travelers: Locate luggage and belongings so nothing gets left behind or lost.

– Parents: Track your children on their way to school to make sure they arrive safely.

– Pet owners: Receive notifications when your pet exits a geofence so you can go track it down.

– Runners: Let friends or family track your whereabouts on your daily run, or your progress on race day.

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