THE FIRE WIRE Must-Watch DVD Pick of The Week – The Last Play at Shea

Two New York icons meet for one final time with the DVD of The Last Play at Shea from Lionsgate. The film initially played in theaters and was distributed by D & E Entertainment.

Paul Crowder (Director, “Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who”) and Mark Monroe (Writer, The Cove, Academy Award Winning Best Documentary Feature, 2010) chronicle the intersecting histories of the landmark Shea Stadium and the legendary performer Billy Joel. An engaging look at the highs and lows of the New York Mets and the life and musical career of Joel, The Last Play at Shea interweaves interviews with players and performers with exclusive concert footage from the goodbye performances in July 2008. New York City serves as a background for those who were there – including Sting, John Mayer, Garth Brooks, Tony Bennett and others – to share their stories of these electric summer nights. The film, narrated by New Yorker Alec Baldwin (TV’s “30 Rock”), also highlights a special performance by Paul McCartney.

The DVD which debuted on February 8th also contains special features including two deleted scenes: Billy Joel’s Front Row “Ticket Santa” (a segment showing audiences Billy Joel’s tradition of finding fans with the worst seats in the house and moving them to the front row) and an interview with popular rock and sports journalist Chuck Klosterman.

The Last Play at Shea is a fascinating documentary that intertwines rock, sports and geographical histories in a compelling and thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience. Narrator, Alec Baldwin shares Billy Joel’s extraordinary career and blue collar perspective coupled with Shea Stadium’s illustrious history.

A tapestry of performance, historical documentary and personal journey provides the audience with a pop-culture snapshot of a seminal era in New York history.

The film weaves interviews with players and performers and exclusive concert footage—featuring guests like Tony Bennett, Garth Brooks, John Mayer and Roger Daltrey, among others.

The Last Play at Shea is my must-watch DVD pick this week.

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