ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Fiction Issue’ Produced In Collaboration With McSweeney’s On Newsstands Now

ESPN The Magazine merges sports and fiction in its new issue, on now. With traditional short fiction pieces produced in collaboration with the acclaimed publishing house McSweeney’s, the features explore alternate realities, myths and rumors that are hard to separate from truth. “The Fiction Issue” is the first full issue of a major sports magazine dedicated to literary fiction, and includes contributions from:

– Best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-finalist Dave Eggers, who traces World Series greatness back to its roots, almost literally (“My Life In Baseball, By The Beard”).

– Fringe executive producer Jeff Pinkner, who imagines alternate realities for some of the most pivotal moments in recent sports history (“What If…”).

– MLB pitcher Miguel Batista, who shows how stickball kindles a grandmother’s memories in his piece “The Family Business.”

– Before Zack Greinke was traded from Kansas City to Milwaukee, rumors had him going to at least 10 other teams. Buster Olney looks inside the modern culture of misinformation.

– David Fleming presents the fantastical story of NFL rushing champ Arian Foster. Good luck separating fact from fiction.

Read more about this special issue HERE.

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