McMullens, A Children’s Imprint from McSweeney’s To Launch In May

My favorite publisher, McSweeney’s will launch a children’s imprint line of books in May. The new venture is called McMullens and their goal is to “find and publish great books new and old for individuals and families of all kinds.”

Four books will initially be released:

Here Comes the Cat by Frank Asch, illustrated by Vladimir Vagin: A parable about the Cold War, was originally published by Scholastic in 1989.

Symphony City by Amy Martin: A little girl gets lost in a big city and follows the music of the streets back home.

We Need a Horse, is by Canadian short story writer Sheila Heti and illustrated by San Francisco artist Clare Rojas. This book encourages self-discovery.

Lastly, Dave Eggers has written and illustrated When Marlana Pulled a Thread, his first book for children, in which a girl is surprised by what happens when she pulls on a thread she finds in the grass.

The four hardcover books will all have dust jackets that unfold into double-sided posters

The imprint is named after Brian McMullen, Art Director and Editor at McSweeney’s where he’s worked for nine years. McMullen’s hopes to publish a total of 10 children’s books this year.

I will have to make more room on my 2 year old daughter’s book case for what I know will be, books that our family will read and cherish for years to come!

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