McSweeney’s Unnecessary Sale

McSweeney’s Publishing proudly presents their Unnecessary Sale.

They priced most of their Quarterly and Wholphin back issues in the single digits. And they are offering most books for 50% off or less.

And to top it all off, McSweeney’s will be offering a free book every day this week—starting off with the booklet-excerpt from Michael Chabon’s abandoned novel, Fountain City.

All you have to do is enter the appropriate promo code during the check-out process.

This Week’s Free Books

Today (Monday): Fountain City (promo code: “fountain”)

Tuesday: The Wild Things (promo code: “things”)

Wednesday: The Clock Without a Face (promo code: “gus”)

Thursday: Be a Nose! (promo code: “nose”)

Friday: The Polysyllabic Spree (promo code: “spree”)

Saturday & Sunday: Maps and Legends (promo code: “chabon”)

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