Hoax Or Real? iPhone Hacker Hijacks Times Square Screens

Watch this video and decide if this is a viral hoax or a brilliant invention. In the 2 minute video posted on Sunday evening, BITcrash44 claims to have added a transmitter to his iPhone that allows him to take over any video screen.

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3 thoughts on “Hoax Or Real? iPhone Hacker Hijacks Times Square Screens

  1. It’s a hoax. Or he figured out how to crack a certain type/brand of screen/chip. It doesn’t make sense that he can intercept “ANY” kind of video signal.

    A romp through the Best Buy in front of 50 different brands of TV would be interesting.

    It also doesn’t appear to be attracting any attention.

    And he’s pushing all that video bandwidth via the audio jack? Why not the dock connector or via WiFi. It’s interesting hype that it’s an iPhone…

  2. (hit send too soon)

    It’s actually pushing the “Limitless” movie that was running on the screen behind the balloon.

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