Onda Lite Longboard Review

In a class by itself, completely redesigned for 2011, the Onda Lite ($129) Longboard is a blast to ride. This board is the perfect choice for short rides and cruising around town.  One of the special features that make the Onda different from other boards is that it is designed to ride over a multitude of terrains, even in wet weather, making it a great alternative to traditional skateboards and scooters.

Since you’ll be using the longboard around the city or off-road, you will want to invest in an electric skateboard you can trust and will stand the test of time. This is according to Kennith Miller, a skateboarder, and writer of the blog https://scooteradviser.com/best-electric-longboard.

Out of the box, the Onda was easy to ride.  It felt sturdy and well made, and the deck has a gripping texture that made my foot placement feel extra secure.  The learning curve was quick, and in no time, I was carving my way throughout our neighborhood.

The ride was amazingly smooth and quick, and the board turns on a dime. It truly felt like I was gliding over pavement.  The Onda Lite comes pre-packaged with a heavy duty Fiberglass-Polymer blend deck, 2 trucks with quick-release knobs, 4 large 7” polyurethane wheels, 12 Torsion Shocks, a laminated shock chart, and a wrench.  It took mere minutes to fully assemble the board.  It is easily portable and weighs only 9.8 pounds. The board can accommodate riders from 75-200 pounds. Based on the riders weight and riding style, the Onda can be completely customized by changing the torsion shock configuration. It comes with 4 yellow, 4 blue, and 4 red shocks. By combining different shock sets together, you can control the truck tensions, allowing you to have complete control, no matter the speed.  Best of all, no tools are needed to make the adjustments, simply use the quick-release knobs to change out the shocks.

The underside of the deck has a storage grid, perfect for storing your extra shocks. The Onda Lite comes with a black deck and your choice of black or yellow wheels. If you are a more experienced rider, you may prefer the Onda CORE with Polymer wheels ($155) or the Onda Core with Aluminum wheels ($199). Spring is here, if you are looking for a fun way to get outside and exercise, and take a great ride around the neighborhood or the campus, check out the Onda Lite. You can stay up to date on the latest Onda Motion news here on Facebook.

(Reviewed by Meredith Fire-Hess)

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