Miniot iPad 2 Cover

If you like the idea of Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover but want a more substantial screen protector then the Miniot iPad Cover ($70) might be what you are looking for. It offers the same functionality — magnets, stands, and all — but it is carved from a single piece of the finest woods. Miniot will even engrave your message, logo, art or image for free for a limited time.

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2 thoughts on “Miniot iPad 2 Cover

  1. I have to be honest. I ordered the cover because it looked cool. But that coolness wears off, when the fallacy of protection and false assurance kicks in. Protection is limited to cosmetic scuffs and annoying fingerprints. But not drops. Not sure that the cover is any better, much less smarter. I ordered the cover, and to be quite candid; I am not impressed. It does not offer much in protection. I was skeptical about the cover to begin with. Nevertheless, if your looking to protect your investment with a simple cover, we run the risk of inflicting some damage from a simple accident. I had to reassess my needs after a near fatal drop with the cover. I ordered a few days ago a leather Mivizu iPad 2 case called the Sense, and I also ordered an Otterbox hardshell. Best, the Mivizu folio is affordable priced at $26.99 against apple’s not smart price of $69.99
    Anyways, for real protection look elsewhere.

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