Version III Goes Live Today

Earlier today, proudly unveiled the latest version of the official web site. The comprehensive upgrade offers many new features including full compatibility with Apple devices and most mobile platforms.

At the core of the new experience, the Constant Browser will find a revolutionary homepage that offers all the latest news, release info, and Coming Soon content in one central location. The site now provides new RSS and Twitter News feeds to make it easier to stay abreast of everything Stephen King.

With improved search capabilities, an upgraded library and dozens of other significant improvements, the new is a vast digital playground that looks to the future of Stephen’s work.

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2 thoughts on “ Version III Goes Live Today

  1. I have been a Constant Reader since the 70’s. I know SK loves to experiment with new things- but I am unhappy that the new book is coming out only to e-readers. I do not have an e-reader and can’t afford one.
    I feel “out of the loop” and I can’t be the only fan who feels this way.
    When will a published book come out for those of us who cherish “real books”?
    It’s a sad day when the annoucement of a new SK story makes me blue.

  2. I love everything by Stephen King. He is supposed to be the ‘master of the horror.’ Why is it that I don’t dislike anything by him, but I hate movies such as the Saw series. I thought it might be the gore, but then I realized Stephen King has much gore in many parts of his stories/movies.

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