Cereal Killer Trading Cards

Newborn company Wax Eye releases its first product, all-new Cereal Killers Trading Cards, written and painted by Joe Simko, artist for Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, Misfits, GWAR, Van’s Warped Tour, etc. Each Cereal Killers card is an original piece of artwork that parodies popular cereal brands by giving them horror-flick mash-up makeovers.

Children of the Corn Flakes, Halloweeties, and Exorcrisp Cereal are just a few titles in this eye-popping 55 card set. Cereal Killers lampoons right down to its packaging; encased in three shrink-wrapped mini-cereal boxes, each box gives the impression of containing real breakfast cereal. In actuality, each box contains 20 hilariously-horrifying cards, 60 cards per set. Also included in each box are an eyeball gum plus one random premium gift, which could be a black-light sticker, a temporary tattoo, a ‘fridge magnet, a gold foil card, or one of 250 original, hand-drawn sketch cards by Simko himself. Sketch cards are the latest phenomena in the collectible card industry. It is a modern affordable way to obtain original art work. With Cereal Killers, Wax Eye hopes to rejuvenate this community as well, capturing the nostalgia of Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages cards in a present-day, renegade art form.

Ben Hess, our youngest FIRE WIRE Correspondent reviewed the cards below. Ben loved the packaging, card art and the special goodies!

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